Keep Your Private Plans Secret- Reno Omokri Advises Fans

Reno Omokri has taken to social media to advise his fans to keep their good news to themselves and work themselves out.

According to Reno, people should keep their good news private and make sure they do not rub their pregnancies in the face of others.

Taking to his Instagram page, he revealed that plans are like pregnancy so they do not need to be publicised for people to know.

He wrote: The urge to talk about your plans is strong. But don’t do it. Your voice may be loud, but no matter how loud you shout, your achievements have a louder shouting voice. So, wait until your plans turn to achievements and your achievements will do the talking for you. Note that when you are pregnant, your baby does not make a noise. But when you deliver the baby, it screams loudly for all to hear. Your plans are your pregnancy. They don’t need to talk. Your achievements are your delivery. When they materialise they will scream for you!

In other news, Senior Pastor of Family Worship Centre (FWC) in Abuja, Sarah Omakwu, has spoken against homosexuality and lesbianism.

According to the cleric, homosexuality and lesbianism are clear sins stated in the old and new testament of the Holy Bible.

She stressed that homosexuality and lesbianism are disgusting sins that bring Eternal punishment and indignation, regardless of the pressures of modernization, westernization, or civilisation.

Omakwu stated that if God condemned and destroyed homosexuality in the Old Testament, he would also judge and punish homosexuality in the present age and time, according to the Holy Bible.


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