Another Purported Attack On Enugu Monarch’s Home Reported, Audio Tape Of Alleged Threat To His Life Released

The home of Igwe Christopher Okwor, the suspended Enugu monarch, has purportedly been invaded once more, weeks after images and videos of damages captured after an alleged intrusion by security officers went viral.

The traditional ruler’s family has claimed that he has been subjected to police harassment since his suspension by the Enugu state government over the demolition of a building supposedly belonging to a visually impaired member of the community.

On the night of Wednesday, October 19, gunmen suspected of being assassins stormed the traditional ruler’s Nsukka residence, firing gunfire into the air.

A member of the local vigilante group on duty that night told reporters that one of the Igwe’s sons had warned them about 8 p.m. that their home was being attacked by suspected strangers aiming to jump the fence. They spotted suspicious movement near the traditional ruler’s gate as the shooters shot in the air and swiftly departed the area on a motorcycle as they got closer to the residence.

Lawrence Okwor, the traditional ruler’s son, confirmed the recent invasion in a phone interview, saying the gunmen were not successful that night due to the vigilante members’ swift response.

He accused Barr. Nnamdi Ezemagu of attempting to assassinate his father after failing in all of his previous schemes, which included using a blind man as a ruse to seize their farm, filing many petitions to blame the father, and sponsoring security officers and hoodlums to attack their home.

Barr. Nnamdi Ezemagu sent a petition to the Force CID Abuja, charging his father of armed robbery, abduction, unlawful possession of firearms, and cultism, but failed to appear in Abuja on the day the two parties were summoned by the DIG, Prince Lawrence Okwor informed journalists. He claimed that the lawyer provided a “flimsy excuse letter” claiming that they were going to an APC rally in Anambra state.

He said; 

“We are accusing Barr Nnamdi Ezemagu of sending assassins to kill my Dad because he has always come up with a fresh attack after failing in one. Recall that he had vowed that he will be dealing with my father until he dies just because his uncle lost the Igweship to my father. We therefore call on the security operatives to investigate his activities.

” Between 6:30 to 7.00 am of 9th March 2019 during gubernatorial elections, Nnamdi Ezemagu led thugs to our village compound in Aku, beating up my siblings, broke my mother’s arm and destroyed some of our properties. A case which is now before the Ogbede magistrate Court after he, Nnamdi Ezemagu failed in his bid to truncate the matter in State CID ENUGU.

“Also on 23rd November 2020, around 10.00pm, the first invasion of our Nsukka residence by anti cult squad sent by Nnamdi Ezemagu was foiled by people who were alerted through phone calls, including the parish Priest and Catechist of Umakashi Catholic Church who rushed to our compound.

“By 3.00pm of 22nd September 2021, Nnamdi Ezemagu disguising as BBC igbo staff invaded our house with officers from the state CID.”

“The mother of all the invasions, he explained occurred at about 10:15pm of 7th october 2021, when police operatives from Force CID Abuja broke into their home and brutally attacked his parents and their visitors using a team from anti- kidnapping squad, Enugu and hoodlums, all brought by Uchenna, Nnamdi and Ifechukwu from Ezemagu’s family.

“Although the recent invasion by suspected assassins has been reported to the relevant authorities for investigations, it is important members of the public know that the life of the traditional ruler and members of his family are in serious danger and Barr Nnamdi Ezemagu and his family members should be held responsible if anything happens to any of the family members.”


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